Our Products

Ornamental fishes, aquatic plants;
Submersible pumps, air pumps, filter and filter materials and other related accessories;
Fish foods, books, test kits, fish nets, aquarium pebbles, rocks, etc; and
Manufacture fiber glass tank and biological filter system for Koi ponds.
Garden ornaments

Our list given above is not exhaustive as we have many other products which is on sale at the farm.

We especially pride ourselves in the specialty of our Koi selection. Our Kois have won many acclaimed awards in Koi exhibitions in Singapore . Awards we have won includes the coveted Grand Champion for the Singapore Koi show in the 2 recent years' exhibition

Our Trading Partners

We have trading partners worldwide, whom we have business dealing with in countries all over the world. We continue to explore and look for trading partners in other parts of the world, so as to acquire more products to develop our farm into a one-stop shopping paradise for all fish lovers.